I am an ecologist and conservation biologist interested in spatial analyses, remote sensing, and biodiversity science.

I earned a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. at the University of Turin (Italy), worked in the GIS team in Zion National Park (USA), and completed a Ph.D. and a post doc with Prof. Scott Nielsen at the University of Alberta (Canada). I then moved to a second post doc with Prof. Lenore Fahrig, at Carleton University. Currently I am a Mitacs Accelerate Fellow, working for the Montreal Insectarium on conservation and macroecology of butterflies. 

My past research is very interdisciplinary. I conducted behavioral experiments, studies of rare species, assessments of communities and biodiversity, landscape analyses, and species distribution models. Most of my studies focus on butterflies and vascular plants as model organisms. 

Moving forward I am especially interested in scaling patterns and hierarchy theory, and my current projects lay at the interface of landscape ecology, macroecology, remote sensing, and ecological theory. I am keen in understanding the different processes that determine biodiversity patterns at different scales and levels of biological organization to implement effective conservation practices.