I am an ecologist interested in conservation science, landscape ecology, and biodiversity patterns in space and time.

I earned a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. at the University of Turin (Italy), worked in the GIS team in Zion National Park (USA), and completed a Ph.D. and a post doc at the University of Alberta (Canada). I recently started my second post doc with Prof. Lenore Fahrig, at Carleton University.

My research is interdisciplinary: I conducted behavioral experiments, studies of rare species and communities, species distribution models, and spatial analyses. Most of my studies used butterflies and vascular plants as model organisms. 

Through time, I became interested in scaling patterns and hierarchy theory. This interest stimulates current work at the intersection between landscape and macro-ecology. I am especially keen in understanding the importance of different processes that determine biodiversity patterns vary at different spatiotemporal scales and levels of biological organization. 


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